How To Improve Your Home With A Brush And A Bucket

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How To Improve Your Home With A Brush And A Bucket

Giving your home a fresh look can be done in just one easy way – by doing the paint job. In addition to that, you do not have to fret spending thousands of dollars on this home improvement project, when you can in fact do it yourself just as easily! If you believe you cannot do the painting yourself, but wish you could, you are definitely on the right spot. Today we will be talking of one of the most popular home improvement projects and how you can do it yourself!

A lot of people are in fact afraid that they will just make a mess and that the end result will look so bad that they will have to hire a professional for a do-over. Remember, there is no reason why your paint job would look any less professional, then the one that has been done by an expert.  All you will have to do is to follow these pieces of advice and you will see how easy it can be!

Choose The Appropriate Weather

If you have heard before that people are waiting for warm and dry weather for them to do their painting job, you may not be surprised to learn that there is a reason why this is so. Summer, being the driest period will definitely let you avoid the humidity in the air which can damage your work. Alternatively, high humidity will make the process of drying painstakingly long, and this is something everyone would just like to avoid if possible. In other words, avoid painting if the weather is not appropriate and make sure the paint has dried properly before applying the next coat.

Be Prepared!

The key to the good painting job is definitely preparation. This applies both to brushes and paints you will be using and the preparation of the walls. You will have to fill in the cracks, fix any peeling areas you may find and lightly sand them and prepare them for painting. Also, make sure that you apply a primer and paint before continuing with the paint job. The primer will prevent your new coat pulling the old one, peeling, and looking badly, overall.

Protect Other Areas

You want the paint to end up on your walls, not your floors or your furniture or in your hair! This is why protecting furniture is essential! It is wise to use plastic bags to cover your floors, furniture, and other things before you begin.

Don’t forget to protect the doorknobs as well! As tempted as you are to avoid removing light switches and the outlet covers, do not skip this step! It will make your paint job look a lot more professional and it takes just 5 minutes to remove them.

Painting Like A Pro!

So, use a primer, make the surface as clean and as smooth as you can. Combine all the paint into one large container and mix it thoroughly. Use an extension pole and make sure you have reached the maximum amount of the area. Always paint from top to bottom, this gives the best results. Paint over any mistakes, drips and spatters as you paint, and take your time. Once the paint starts to dry, just leave it alone. Hopefully, you will be amazing at this home improvement project!

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